Environment, Health & Safety

Mission Statement

Our primary goal is to ensure the health and safety of all employees and associates. We are proud to have a full HSE department that maintains training of all employees to insure safety standards and procedures.

Environment, Health, & Safety Policy Statement

At White Mountain Operating, we believe that ZERO Incidents do not happen by Accident.  To Protect People, the Environment and Equipment, we diligently practice and employ proven Safety Initiatives and Training to achieve this Goal.  We also recognize that ZERO Incidents is our license to operate and represent our Clients and Business Partners.  Therefore, we take our Safety and the Safety of others very seriously and hold everyone to a very high standard and accountability.

All management and personnel of White Mountain Operating are committed to:

  • All new hires must attend PEC Basic, as well as Client Specific Orientations.
  • All SSE (Short Service Employees / New Hires) are assigned a mentor and given limited task assignments for the first 90 days of employment.
  • Mandatory continuous training for First Aid CPR / PEC Core 30 HR. Hands On / Hands Off Safety Training / Fork Lift etc.
  • Regular Site inspections and audits conducted by EHS & Operations, documenting deficiencies, developing action items and tracking to closure.
  • Everyone at White Mountain is in an approved Drug & Alcohol Program.
  • Competitive Score Maintenance in ISNetworld, PEC, DISA, TPS.
  • BBS (Behavior Based Safety) and PPCNC (Praise the Positive & Correct the Negative Constructively) program
  • Weekly Safety Re-Cap & Re-Focus Meetings.
  • Adherence to State, Federal, & Industry accepted Safety Rules, Guidelines & Best Practices.

Health, Safety and Environment

We are committed to the proactive management of health, safety and environment aspects within our management system and throughout our company. This EHS policy will be regularly reviewed for suitability and effective implementation and updated as necessary. I personally encourage everyone to join us in our commitment to health, safety and environment.

Zane White
Founding Member
White Mountain Operating, LLC

White Mountain Operating

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